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What is Games Testing?

Games testing is centered around the focused approach our team takes to make sure the games are compliant with the relevant regulatory requirements. At ga, we do this by following our meticulous list of tests that ensures your game is compliant to the highest standard while aiming to offer cost effective service. ga have assessed a wide range of games (Slots, Single and Multi-Player Table Games, Game of Chance, Keno, Scratch Cards etc.,) on varied gaming platforms and channels.

Our games testing methodology complies with all jurisdictions and involve but not limited to:

  • Game artwork & rules evaluations
  • Functional testing of games
  • Emulation testing of games
  • Return to Player (RTP) calculations for each game (applicable for single player games)
  • Source code review
  • Randomness and fairness of the game
  • Game reports (including branded reports for Italy)
What is RNG Testing and Certification?

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is the heart of game functionality and player confidence to game outcomes and fairness. ga have tested and certified various RNG’s (Pseudo or Software and Hardware) with majority being Pseudo RNG’s.

Our thorough tests of the RNG assess the statistical randomness, unpredictability and non-repeatability of the RNG. Tests include but not limited to “diehard” and “chi-square” tests, source code review and RNG implementation.

Software RNG testing occurs in 3 main stages which are examination and compilation of source code to evaluate RNG algorithms and their implementation, subjecting the numbers generated to the ‘diehard’ and other statistical tests and finally generating sample scaled output and applying ‘Chi-square’ and other tests.

Hardware RNG is tested based on specific requirements to ensure that no weaknesses exist, this all takes place within the first stage of testing. The second and third stages revolve around the determining statistical randomness, as well as the unpredictability and non-repeatability of the RNG in conjunction with all compliance standards set by the various jurisdictions we operate in.

What is RTP Testing?

Percentage Return To Player (%RTP) calculations are performed and game mathematics is assessed to ensure compliancy to applicable regulatory requirements. Actual RTP value is calculated as the percentage of the money won divided by moneys bet over a large number of game plays. The actual RTPs are then compared against theoretical RTPs to confirm the outcomes are close as expected.

Do you offer Transfer of Approval?

If you have a previously certified online game for any regulated internet gaming jurisdiction, we can perform targeted testing and inspection determining that it also complies to the requirements of a second jurisdiction.

Once a pre-certified game is launched in a new market, it is often adapted to local language and updated to appease the local market, new features or math models might be added to it. For such games to reduce any duplicate testing efforts, custom test scripts can be followed to determine the compliance of the updated features.

In this process we perform a gap analysis between the technical requirements of both jurisdictions and then follow a focused testing approach verifying the game compliance with the applicable jurisdictional specific requirements. We take into consideration the test results reported in the previously certified content which decreases project cost and duration.

This process will enable you to enter your intended markets in a lesser amount of time than usual.

What is your Complaints Policy?

Expressions of grievance or dissatisfaction with the test results, service or performance of GA Europe (ga) or staff that require a response is managed as a complaint.

Upon receipt of a complaint, ga acknowledges the complaint within 5 business days of receipt, and immediately initiates an internal complaint management process to investigate, analyse and assess the complaint. All complaints responses are made by the Compliance Manager within 30 days of receipt of the complaint. Complaints about compliance or test results decisions are handled as appeals, while all other issues involving complaints are handled as business disputes.

What is your Appeal process?

An appeal is a request for ga to reconsider a test result or inspection decision, the customer can contest the findings by making an appeal in writing , address to the Compliance Manager. All appeals will be dealt as complaint and upon receipt of a complaint, acknowledgement will be provided within 5 business days of receipt. Immediately an internal review of the facts related to the appeal will be conducted, following a thorough assessment of the appeal and related facts, Senior Management will make a determination of compliance or conformity within the submission and respond within 30 days of receipt of appeal.

Application for Appeals & Complaints

Please use the Contact Us form to lodge a complaint or appeal a decision by GA Europe. All complaint or appeals must be made in writing and directed to the Compliance Manager. You may also send your complaint and appeal in writing at info@gamingassociates.eu  

How can I share my Feedback?

We welcome your feedback on performance as a testing laboratory and an inspection body. To share your feedback, please use the contact us form or send an email at info@gamingassociates.eu

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